In 2003, Erica opened a fortune cookie and found the tiny piece of paper in the picture above. “You are capable of building a thriving business venture.” That tiny piece of paper gave her the courage to leave her full time job and pursue wedding photography. Over the next 14 years, she grew to be one of the most trusted and referred wedding and event photography businesses in Atlanta. Growing tired of working every weekend, Erica decided to leave wedding photography and get a "real job". She received her real estate license and began working as an Operations Manager for a luxury real estate agent. After 6 months, Erica realized she’s not the 9-5 desk job type of gal and returned to the search for what she wanted to be when she grew up.

After months of exploring different career path options, Erica realized that she missed everything about event photography! The planning, the relationships made with the couples, the wedding day - and Happy Heart Journey was born!


Happy Heart Journey is more than an event photography and videography company. It’s about capturing the journey that the happiest of hearts go on. Whether its a wedding, a newborn baby (or babies!), an engagement, your amazing pets or a really awesome vacation, we want to be there to celebrate your Happy Heart Journey with you!

Wedding commissions begin at $2500. Please contact us for a custom quote

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